The Road Goes On

Here it is. Here we go.

I am now living and working in Stockholm, Sweden and decided it's time to continue this writing business. The previous version of my blog, the old philomathy will remain online in its original incarnation for the foreseeable future. If you are a new reader, you will notice that page is written in Spanish. I may or may not migrate and translate some of those old posts to this site.

I've decided to write this new journal in English, befitting a more internationalized lifestyle and a larger potential audience.

Note that I refer to this as a journal and not a blog. This is to intentionally convey that there's no expectation to have updates with any sort of regularity. I will put new stuff in as it comes to me, but this all hangs on having enough free time to dedicate to it. I will also list neat projects I'm working on, and other miscellanea so be sure to check other sections of the site as well.

At the moment, this is an early version. Expect improvements as I work on the site.

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